Welcome to Musical Chairs House Concerts!

Our names are Robert Allan Schwartz and Judy Staicer.
Our house has been the home of two musicians.
The second owner, Johanna Giwosky, added a room designed for acoustic music performance.
In that room, Johanna gave recitals on her harpsichord.
The fourth owner, Virginia Crumb, was a professional harpist.
In that room, Virginia taught students, practiced, rehearsed, and gave recitals on her harp.

We want the tradition of live music performance to continue in this house.
To that end, we bought 32 white folding chairs, and removed all the furniture from that room, so that people can come to hear concerts and interact with the musicians afterwards.
We call our concert series "Musical Chairs".
We hope to see you here!

All ticket fees go directly to the performers.

To purchase tickets, please click on the "Future concerts" link below,
then click on the link for the concert you want to attend.

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The venue

Photo by Mike Miller, who graciously gave permission for me to use it.