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Which companies have which dividend bumpiness?
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This page shows only data up to the final business day of 2019.

Additional financial information for this company can be found at:
Total number of dividends paid: 73.

Dividend payment frequency:

FrequencyNumber of dividends

Current frequency is quarterly.

Dividend payment timing:

MonthNumber of dividends



Dividends per share by year:

Companies that declare a dividend late in one calendar year, might pay it early in the next calendar year.
This page will show both dividends declared per year, as well as dividends paid per year, in case the latter makes it look as if there was a freeze or a decrease.
The second column shows dividends declared per year.
The third column shows the increase in dividends declared from one year to the next.
The fourth column shows dividends paid per year.
The fifth column shows the increase in dividends paid from one year to the next.

The number in parentheses is the number of non-special dividends declared/paid during that period.

How do I determine the "bumpiness" of a company?
Mathematically, I use the standard deviation around the arithmetic mean of the dividend raise percentages.
I have devised a "bumpiness metric" which will tell at a glance how smooth or bumpy a company's dividend history has been.
For you math geeks, the bumpiness is the standard deviation rounded to the nearest integer.
The result is a whole number that tells you whether a company's dividend history has been smooth or teeth-rattling.

YearDividends declaredIncrease from previous yearDividends paidIncrease from previous yearCompound annual growth rate to 2019 fromBumpiness to 2019 fromMean to 2019 fromStandard deviation to 2019 from
2002CAD 1.20000 (4)CAD 1.20000 (4) 7.433% 77.660%7.115
2003CAD 1.69000 (5) 40.833%CAD 1.34000 (4) 11.667% 7.174% 77.410%7.261
2004CAD 1.68000 (4) -0.592%CAD 1.59000 (4) 18.657% 6.449% 76.660%6.873
2005CAD 1.90000 (4) 13.095%CAD 1.85000 (4) 16.352% 5.775% 75.968%6.589
2006CAD 2.42000 (4) 27.368%CAD 2.26000 (4) 22.162% 4.609% 54.722%5.004
2007CAD 2.76000 (4) 14.050%CAD 2.71000 (4) 19.912% 3.426% 33.457%2.509
2008CAD 2.80000 (4) 1.449%CAD 2.80000 (4) 3.321% 3.436% 33.469%2.620
2009CAD 2.80000 (4)NO CHANGECAD 2.80000 (4)NO CHANGE 3.786% 23.816%2.495
2010CAD 2.80000 (4)NO CHANGECAD 2.80000 (4)NO CHANGE 4.215% 24.240%2.263
2011CAD 2.80000 (4)NO CHANGECAD 2.80000 (4)NO CHANGE 4.754% 24.770%1.798
2012CAD 2.84000 (4) 1.429%CAD 2.82000 (4) 0.714% 5.344% 15.349%1.005
2013CAD 2.98000 (4) 4.930%CAD 2.94000 (4) 4.255% 5.527% 15.531%0.973
2014CAD 3.12000 (4) 4.698%CAD 3.08000 (4) 4.762% 5.681% 15.685%0.997
2015CAD 3.28000 (4) 5.128%CAD 3.24000 (4) 5.195% 5.802% 15.808%1.080
2016CAD 3.44000 (4) 4.878%CAD 3.40000 (4) 4.938% 6.092% 16.098%1.104
2017CAD 3.61000 (4) 4.942%CAD 3.56000 (4) 4.706% 6.792% 16.794%0.614
2018CAD 3.85000 (4) 6.648%CAD 3.78000 (4) 6.180% 7.407% 07.407%0.000
2019CAD 4.12000 (4) 7.013%CAD 4.06000 (4) 7.407%

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